At Sargents, we know that not every manufacturer makes the best appliances in every design. Sometimes, energy standards cause changes in a design that may negatively impact a machines quality. The point here is that we have been around long enough to understand the industry and to have seen many trends both good and bad. This is why we are the best choice, we're the most experienced choice. An example would be from 2018, when Alliance, the parent company to Speed Queen and Huebsch, changed their washer design to be compliant with the government changes that were mandated on energy usage. This change in our opinion was not in the customers best interest and we arived at that conclusions via through tests that we personally performed and during which we found that the design would not be acceptable for our customers, so we did not sell this TR model. That is one outstanding example but by now you see our point. Thankfully for us and our customers, Alliance made a brand that has the same components that made the older Speed Queens better. This brand is Huebsch and we love it. It has no locking lid, commercial grade components and is built the way a washer was intended. In mid 2019, Alliance found a loophole in the government regulations and with a few tweaks to the water fill options, Speed Queen came back to its full glory in the TC5000 model.  

At Sargents, we still have both of these models!

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