Quality is everything. Without quality, you will find yourself having to buy new replacements more often and therefore your money. When it comes to front load washing machines, quality is hard to find. In a lot of cases, there are so many features or "bells and whistles", that the quality is compromised because mechanical things eventually wear and fail. The more parts you add, the higher the chance of something breaking. Speed Queen has left the extras to a minimum in their front load washing machines, and put all their effort into the build quality of the appliance. If you buy a Speed Queen, you know you're buying a machine that has the durability to be in a laundromat.

At Sargents we don't just talk because we can read the manufacturere brochure, we actually own a laundromat and have actually used Alliance made Speed Queen and Huebsch appliances for a long time. We had Huebsch front loads as a matter of fact, the same type available for purchase today in both Speed Queen and Huebsch brand names. In those 13 years, we had very few repairs, and ZERO replacements. The only reason we did replace them was because they looked like they were 30 years old (ha, ha) and our clients deserve a nice modern laundromat as well as machines that get the job done and keep on functioning under heavy-duty conditions.

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