✪✪✪✪✪ 5 star After 2 years of using a top loader with no agitator, I literally cannot be more happy with my TC5! Our clothes are clean again, smell great and are stain free! I researched this decision for months and am so happy with this machine...plus the 10 year warranty can’t be beat. Speed Queen—making laundry great again!!!

✪✪✪✪✪ 5 Star Sargent's is the best. They are the only appliance sales and service people I would recommend in the Reno Sparks area. I am 66 and have seen my share of washing machine repairs. We lost the bearings on our SpeedQueen during the last couple weeks of its warranty (a fluke, I think, because in my experience SpeedQueens last much longer and do not require much repair during their lifetime). After verifying our warranty with Alliance (SpeedQueen manufacturer) we called for service from the store where we had originally bought the machine. Unfortunately for us, that original store was not Sergent's. This other store was slow in making appointments, slow in ordering parts, did a bad repair job that ruined more parts on the washer, canceled the appointment they made to fix their bad repair job, and said that the additional work required was no longer under warranty -- not true, according to SpeedQueen. After having our washer down for 2 months, we told SpeedQueen that we no longer had confidence in the original store and their repair department. Lucky for us, SpeedQueen suggested Sargent's. Sargent's people listened and were responsive. They went out of their way to help. No fake-nice, just real, professional care. Their repairman Thadeus immediately saw that the washer brake had been put back in backwards, causing additional damage to the machine. Thadeus is a GREAT repairman. He knows his stuff (and, bonus, seems to like doing it, since he has a nice, positive attitude, no cursing while working). Thadeus repaired the whole mess, not stopping until everything was working. It has now been over a month since Sargent's literally rescued us, and the machine works perfectly. The bottom line of this review is that I would give Sargent's whole staff ten stars if this site allowed that many.

✪✪✪✪✪ 5 Star I've never been excited about an appliance purchase. Usually I not only dread the expense but I dread having to decide WHICH thing to buy! I just purchased a washer and dryer from Shaun & Donnelle at Sargent's Maytag in Sparks. I knew I'd found the right place when I first talked to Shaun on the phone so I ran right over...and that's an event today, because we leave on a road-trip tomorrow and I should be packing. But it will take a month to get what I need, in a gas dryer. And I only had to give a $500 Deposit. So I needed to get this started. This is an old fashioned family owned appliance store. Its Awesome...but I will update this review after I take delivery, and can verify that I'm right about these people I had decided to buy the newly designed Speed Queen from a different dealer when the voice in my head reminded me there was a different dealer close in Sparks that I'd forgotten to call. So I checked Sargent's reviews...Please READ the NOT RECOMMENDED REVIEWS on Yelp to get the full picture of the type of people you can buy from HEREYou Know, people's first Yelp reviews usually get sent to that not recommended group pretty much automatically...My first review was...I think people were so happy with Sargent's that they wrote their first reviews and they are worth reading. And they carry a LOT MORE BRANDS...they just don't fit for me. What I wanted was the old original Speed Queen design with its bulletproof reputation for reliability, to use at a remote off-grid cabin where I cannot tolerate a breakdown! So I was less than thrilled that Speed Queen had changed their design. But the space I have available was designed for the OLD fashioned washer dryer SIZES . I thought I was stuck with Speed Queen just to make it fit. And I'm sure that would have been just fine! BUT GLAD I CALLED SARGENT'S because they carry the COMMERCIAL version of Speed Queen...exactly the same size...no lid lock...exactly like the OLD SPEED QUEEN with a FUNCTIONAL AGITATOR to really get clothes clean. I never heard of the brand but it's the #1 manufacturer of laundry equip in the world...my new washer and dryer are made by HUEBSCH in Wisconsin USA This picture shows Shaun plugging in the machine so I could see the controls light up and poke them. He had to drag a cord out! You will love buying from him! He also explained simple instructions on how to winterize the washer when we leave for the winter. That's another great thing about this design...Simplicity Check these guys out. If you don't agree with my review please message me! If you find this review helpful please VOTE

✪✪✪✪✪ 5 Star After weeks of researching on whether a dependable washing machine even exists anymore, the name Speed Queen kept coming up in product reviews and laundry advise forums as the last good washer made. I thought Speen Queen was only for laundromats--hmm. Now, to find a Speed Queen washing machine, one must think outside the big box stores. I was thrilled to find Saergent's Appliance in Sparks, NV sells and services Speed Queens. They made it easy-peasy for me to aquire a Speed Queen washing machine. A quick phone call, pay by credit card over the phone, two days later, a thoughtful and pleasant installation of my new machine. Curtis, the installer did a good job removing my old w/d, gave me some time to clean up 12 years worth of ick on the floor where my old machine had been and presto. In business. Very nice!! Thanks for a good experience from start to finish and a big thank you for carrying a quality washing machine!